Durable Power of Attorney Forms 

A Power of Attorney specifically “Needs” to state that it’s “Durable.” Otherwise after a person becomes unable to speak for themselves it is no longer valid. Most of the Power of Attorney documents that are signed are Durable. This doesn’t mean that is the only way they come but it is the most common and normally the best route to go with this form.

The Choice is in Your Hands

Your circumstances will dictate the Power of Attorney document that you need. Ultimately it is your decision. You want to make sure you make the right choice that meets all your needs.

Pre-Filled Out Forms

Let us take care of the details. You can provide us with pre-filled
out forms in many cases, so you only need to sign and initial in front of us for notarization. There are many
organizations that won’t except a power of attorney with a correction on it. It’s not
worth the risk when filing important documents.