Special Limitations to a Power of Attorney

Unique needs can change what Power of Attorney directives you need. Having one drafted with specific limitations or special circumstances can protect your interests. It can be active only if you are unable to speak for yourself or you could allow a business partner to make business decisions while you are traveling abroad.

Just Keep in Mind

In many cases this may sound like a good way to protect yourself but remember your circumstances will change if the Power of Attorney can be executed or not. You may create this for a specific situation that may not be acted upon because of a loophole that you didn’t think to put into the document. If it’s solely to transfer or sell a car or real estate property it should be fine, but you want to make sure you use the proper wording for such a document.

Pre-Filled Out Forms

Let us take care of the details. You can provide us with pre-filled
out forms in many cases, so you only need to sign and initial in front of us for notarization. There are many
organizations that won’t except a power of attorney with a correction on it. It’s not
worth the risk when filing important documents.